About Me

My name is Lori Johnson and I am a Commercial Photographer as well a Wedding and Portrait Photographer in the Fraser Valley. I reside with my family in Chilliwack, BC. I found photography later in life than a lot of my professional counterparts. It had been a hobby for about 20 years, but after a B.Comm from the University of Saskatchewan and 15 years working in the corporate world, my right brain was screaming for attention. Lori-Johnson-Photography Headshot
After some intense soul searching and support of my wonderful family, I decided to quit my job and my photography my life. Still having the logical left brain at work, I understood the fact that while photography is an incredibly beautiful art form, it is also a science that few really understand. I enrolled at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts to lear more and received an honours diploma in Professional Digital Photography. 

Since then, I've been nationally accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada, and I've followed my passion wherever it has led me. I find great joy in my work, whether it's capturing people at the zenith of their life, a beautiful landscape scene, or a corporate head shot, I am constantly mystified by the way photography transforms the ordinary into extraordinary!